Show info Kes-Kis ry 97. and 98. international catshow in Laukaa, Finland

Please, read this info letter with care.

NOTE: If you or your family member have any symtoms of COVID-19, like cough, sore throat, fever, dyspnoea, muscle aches, abdominal symptoms and headache, you cannot enter our show. In this case your cats are also forbitten to enter our show.

Because of COVID-19 we wish that our exhibitors keep in mind all hygiene instructions: wash or disinfect your hands often, keep your distance when possible, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and so on. There is also hand sanitizer available on the information desk and the rosette desk that you can use freely. Please, wear a mask in the show hall!

During the show you can also spend time outside the show hall, in Bistro Nemo for example. You and your cat may leave right away, when you have received your cats` certificate papers and the competition for your cat is over.


We hope that only one person per cat will enter the show hall. No audience will be admitted to the show.


The address of the show: Peurunka Areena, Peurungantie 85, 41340 Laukaa

Entrance: At the end of this letter there is a map from where you can see the entrance. It says KYLPYLÄ SPA. When you enter, turn right. The hall entrance is near the end of the corridor on your right. Before the hall doors your cat`s vaccination certificates will be checked and some cats will be referred to a veterinary checkup.

Parking lots: You can see the parking areas from the map at the end of this letter. They are marked with P.


Veterinary checkup

Veterinary inspection shall be carried out on a random basis. Vaccination certificates for each cat will be checked. The vaccination certificate must state the latest vaccination date and the expiry date of that vaccine. The booster vaccine must be given at least 15 days before the show, no later than Fri 11.3 on Saturday show and for Sunday no later than Sat 12.3. All cats participating in the show must have a microchip. Veterinary inspection and registration are taking place Sat 8.30am – 9.30am and Sun 8.00-9.00 am. All cats must be present no later than 9.30 on Saturday and no later than 9.00 on Sunday. If the cat does not pass the veterinary examination, it must be removed from the show site. (There is no suitable place for cats rejected by a veterinarian.) Cats living in the same household as cats rejected from the show are not allowed to participate in the show due to the risk of spreading infection.

Note. Summer time in Finland starts on the night between Saturday and Sunday and the clocks are turned forward by an hour.


Registration to be present

Registration will take place after either the vaccination paper checkup or the veterinary checkup, as soon as you enter the hall. No outsiders are allowed to enter the hall. You can check your cat’s number from the show catalog.


Your cat`s information

Check your cat’s information in the confirmation letter and on the show day from the show catalog. The catalog is electronic, but on the wall of the hallway leading to the hall you will also find the printed version of the catalog and the www-address where you will find the electronic catalog. The address of the electronic catalog can also be found inside the hall near the info. If your cat`s information needs to be corrected, please notify the show secretary immediately by e-mail or on the day of the show before the start of the cat’s judging. The cat owner is responsible for the correct competition class of the cat and for requesting a possible countersignature. A countersignature should be requested from the judge during the judging.

Note. If you have registered to OmaKissa, you can find your cat`s competition number beforehand from OmaKissa, Näyttelyt-page and click our show´s name.


The well-being of the cats

The well-being of the cat is the most important thing in the cat show. The cat must be provided with food, water and a litter box often enough. At least one side of the cat’s display cage must be made of breathable material (net or other similar material) to ensure free circulation of air. Please also take care of the general cleanliness in the show. For hygienic reasons, we recommend that the cat have its own toy included in the judging, if necessary. Harnessing with a cat is forbidden in our show for hygienic reasons. Like humans, cats from different households should be kept as far apart as possible. For cat welfare matters, you can turn to our staff.


The cages and cat carts

The cages are pre-numbered and located taking into account the hygiene requirements prescribed by law. If you look at your cat’s number in advance and familiarize yourself with the cage map that will be published beforehand, it will be easier to find your cage´s place and make it easier to keep enough distance to other people. Please, don`t bring carts for your cat, if possible. There is no suitable place for them in the show hall and they will be moved from the hall corridors to the corridor leading to the hall, if necessary. This way sufficient distances can be maintained in the corridors of the small hall. Your belongings must fit under the cage table we provide, as the passageways must be kept clear for safety. Storing carts and other items in the aisles and at the ends of cage rows is strictly prohibited. If necessary, you can store the carts in the hallway corridor behind the tables next to the hall entrance doors at the “cart parking lot”.

If you want the cage provided by our association at the show, you will need cage curtains for your cat on the three walls of the show cage, a roof over the cage and a platform fabric at the bottom (cage height 56 ​​cm, bottom 65 cm x 65 cm). The minimum size of your cage is 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm. Your cage must fit in a cage space that measures 65 cm x 65 cm.

Our sponsor Tujoma provides cat litter (Odour Buster) for exhibitors. The sandboxes are filled at the sand spot near the rosette table. The sands are for exhibition toilets only, not to be taken home / to a hotel.

Paper for writing your cat`s number and pencils can be found near the information desk.


Judging, nominations and panels

Judging in both shows starts on Sat at 10:00 and Sun at 9.15. The owners can present their cats to the judge themselves. For safety reasons, the judge may ask you to put the cat in the judge’s cage, from where he will take it for judging and return the cat there after judging. Remember the sufficient distances in the judging area as well! We ask the exhibitors to follow the judging of both shows of the day and to bring their cat to the judging in time so that the shows can go smoothly. The nominations are taking place immediately after the individual judging’s. There will be a break between the nominations and the Best in show panels.

If your cat’s class changes between the two shows, you can go to the information desk to fill in the class change paper in advance and bring it to the secretariat as soon as the cat has been judged for the first time and received its certificate. This will allow your cat’s class change to be made quickly and ensure the cat’s correct competition class at the next show of the day.

The Best in show panels are cage-free on both days. A panel area will be arranged at the panel site, where owners will bring their cats and give them directly to the assistants. The cat will be brought into the area no sooner than during the previous class panel and the arrival of the cat has to be told to the panel organizer/head steward. The cat is handed over directly to the assistant who has the cat´s number. The owner then moves to the edge of the panel area to receive his cat. Please, follow the announcements for finding out more precise starting time of the panels and the panel order. We ask the panel to be followed only by the exhibitors whose cat is currently on the panel.

The cat´s presenter must have the cat´s number in a prominent place whenever the cat is taken to the judge for judging, BIV and NOM selections, or the panel area.

The exhibition ends Sat 16.00 and Sun 15.15, but you can leave the show as soon as the competition for your cat is over and you have applied for your cat`s certificate papers. Please note that when you leave, the judging’s or the panels of the show may still be in progress, so please leave the hall quietly. The show is considered over for a cat once it has been judged and the owner has applied for the cat´s certificate papers. An exception for this is the cats continuing on the Best in show panel. For these cats the show will end after the panel. Between the judging and the panel, nominated cats cannot leave the showroom according to the rules. All exhibitors whose cats do not proceed to the panel will be asked to leave the show hall after picking up the certificate papers. This is because that way we can keep the number of people small in the hall.


Certificate papers

You can pick up your cat`s certificate papers from the corridor leading to Peurunka Areena. You can also get a rosette for your cat from the rosette table by showing the cat´s certificate papers. Rosettes are free. Some of the rosettes can be changed for stamps. With a full stamp card, you get a code that gives you one free pass for one Kes-Kis show.


Greetings from our animal welfare partner KISU ry

Please, donate food and supplies to Kisu ry’s homeless cats

We gratefully accept all cat food. If you have any extra cat accessories in good shape, such as a carrying cases or cat toilets, in your home, there is a good chance to get rid of them now. We have a constant need for food and supplies. Cat protection and welfare Kisu ry is an association for cats in need, operating in Pirkanmaa, Uusimaa and Central Finland. Kisu’s mission is to help cats in need, find new homes for the homeless, and promote animal welfare work. The association has no premises of their own, but the cats live with volunteers until they are ready to move into their new, forever-homes. Our operations run entirely on donations. We now have more than 20 cats in our volunteers care in Central Finland alone.

Kitty cats thank you!


Restaurants and cafes

Bistro Nemo
Open Sat and Sun from 9:00 to 21:00
Burgers, pizza, salads, etc., children’s own options
Prices approx. 10-17 €, for children approx. 7-10 €

Lunch restaurant
Breakfast is served from 07:00 until 10:00
Lunch available from 11:00 to 13:00: soup / salad lunch, price € 14.50
Dinner is served from 16:00 to 18:00


Other considerations

In addition to the traditional Best In Show panels, in one of our exhibition on both days will feature Best Of Best panels for both categories.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few exceptions to the FIFe show rules until the end of the year, which apply to e.g., the number of certificates a cat needs to graduate to a title, certificates per country needed/not needed and from how many judges the cat can get a judging from in one class, and so on. So, please see these exceptions before the show!

According to FIFe’s show rules, a cat’s claws must be shortened when presented to a judge. Grooming of cats should be avoided at the show hall. Trash cans are placed near the cages at the ends of the rows. Remember to take care of the cleanliness of your cat’s cage and its surroundings throughout the show.

Regarding the COVID-19, Kes-Kis ry follows the instructions of the authorities and law enforcement. The show organizers pay close attention to the use of masks, the cleanliness of the surfaces and hand disinfection. Remember to disinfect / wash your hands often and thoroughly and be careful. Please also ensure adequate distances between people. You can read more about COVID-19 from here:

If you want to buy our sales products from the information desk, please note that we only accept card payment.


Support activities

You are warmly welcome to come and help us set up the show structures on Friday 25.3 from about 5 pm forward. The helpers are requested to arrive by 6:30 pm. The helpers who bring their cats to the show on Saturday will be able to set up their own cages on Friday while helping to set up the structures. The dismantling of our show will start on Sunday as soon as the show ends. Welcome, to help set up and dismantle the show!


Contact for more information

Show manager: Satu Tillanen-Toivanen, satu.tillanen-toivanen(at), tel. +358 40 832 7209, contact preferably by e-mail

Show secretary: Kati Marjala show(at), tel. +358 40 759 7694, preferably by e-mail


Welcome to Laukaa!